A Biblical Frame: Current Events in Perspective
A Biblical Frame: Current Events in Perspective
Discovering Truth with Dr. Bruce Waltke

Discovering Truth with Dr. Bruce Waltke

"Ultimately Scripture is going to be our authority"

Welcome to episode 4 of A Biblical Frame. Today we welcome Old Testament scholar Dr. Bruce Waltke and Professor of Economics at Simon Fraser University Douglas W. Allen to the show to discuss truth.

It has been a common experience in the last number of years to disagree with one another on what we might hold as true. This is not unique to the past 2 years of our Covid lockdown world but the conversations surrounding Covid have shown the fissures surrounding truth in our relationships.

In this episode, we explore how we might come to know and live by the truth. The media cycle whirls around us at astounding speeds and we are left wondering what is true and how should we live.

“When you hear God’s word, do it. And don’t listen to somebody else if God really is clear to you; you are responsible before God for yourself. Be sure you are open to hear whatever it says, even if you don’t like it.” - Bruce Waltke



Covid Lockdown Cost/Benefits by Douglas W. Allen

Covid Facts for Ordinary People by Douglas W. Allen

Propaganda by Jacques Ellul


Ivan DeSilva, MDiv, ThM, Instructor in Religious Studies, Trinity Western University, Pacific Life Bible College

Douglas W. Allen, PhD, Professor of Economics, Simon Fraser University

Bruce K. Waltke, Professor Emeritus, Old Testament Studies


Curtis Meliefste

Greg GerberEdD, Associate Dean, Instructional Technology, NYIT

A Biblical Frame: Current Events in Perspective
A Biblical Frame: Current Events in Perspective
Welcome to A Biblical Frame. This is a spontaneous project that arose from a group of pastors and theologians who recognized the great need for theological direction for Christ’s church in Canada.
Canada has faced totalitarian restrictions in response to the Covid-19 pandemic. While there may have been a time to acquiesce to the provincial health officers, that time is coming to an end and the church needs help.