A Biblical Frame: Current Events in Perspective
A Biblical Frame: Current Events in Perspective
Technology and the Church

Technology and the Church

"When human beings use technology in ways that are unaided by the power and wisdom of God, it will end in chaos"

Hello and welcome back to A Biblical Frame. With the busyness of the end of term crunch for many of us, our regular recording session was postponed. However, there is good news in store. Today we have our episode discussing technology and the church and next week we will release a special bonus episode discussing the prophetic words of C.S. Lewis and G.K. Chesterton.

In this episode, we wanted to discuss the nature of technology and, to a degree, the relationship between technology and the church.

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Since March 2020 churches have rushed to digital forms of many historic Christian practices. Since the mandates for churches arrived so quickly and changed so often many pastors, priests, and church leaders did not have the capacity or time to think biblically about the nature of these changes. We hope that this podcast today does some of that work.

“As I look at what Scripture says about technology, and as I look at the way it drives us to be discerning, I believe Scripture says this: technology, in and of itself, is neither good nor bad; it is a tool. But, to what end? If to God’s ends, it is good; if not, it is bad.” - Ed Gerber

How can technology help the church? This podcast (and many others) are a testimony to the benefits of modern digital technology. But live-streamed worship and sacraments? Gatherings over zoom? Does that benefit Christ’s beloved bride? Lord willing, this podcast helps you think biblically about technology and the church.

Thanks for listening.

Links from the show:

Transhumanism and the Canadian government

Technopoly by Neil Postman


Ivan DeSilva, MDiv, ThM, Instructor in Religious Studies, Trinity Western University, Pacific Life Bible College

Jens Zimmermann, PhD, JI Packer Chair of Theology, Regent College

Stephen Dunning, PhD, Professor Emeritus, Trinity Western University

Curtis Meliefste, MDiv Student, ACTS Seminaries

Greg GerberEdD, Associate Dean, Instructional Technology, NYIT


Curtis Meliefste, MDiv Student, ACTS Seminaries

A Biblical Frame: Current Events in Perspective
A Biblical Frame: Current Events in Perspective
Welcome to A Biblical Frame. This is a spontaneous project that arose from a group of pastors and theologians who recognized the great need for theological direction for Christ’s church in Canada.
Canada has faced totalitarian restrictions in response to the Covid-19 pandemic. While there may have been a time to acquiesce to the provincial health officers, that time is coming to an end and the church needs help.